Upgrading your PowerBudget v5.0

PRIOR TO UPGRADING, MAKE A BACKUP AND EXIT FROM POWERBUDGET. PowerBudget upgrades are available on the internet at www.powerbudget.com After going to powerbudget.com, choose PC/Mac Guidelines, then PC v5.0. From the Table of Contents, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Upgrading your PowerBudget. The current release is Version 5.0ss. After downloading the PBUD5ss.EXE file, double click on the file and an Extraction Box will be displayed. If you are upgrading a PowerBudget that has been installed in the C:\BUDGET50 directory (the standard PowerBudget installation), then click on the Extract button. When done, close all related windows and return to your Windows Desktop. If you are upgrading a PowerBudget that has been installed in ANY other directory (other than C:\BUDGET50), then enter the desired directory in the provided box (default value is c:\budget50). Click on the Extract button... when done, close all related windows and return to your Windows Desktop. Double-click on the PowerBudget icon: If the Upgrade extracted properly, then you will be prompted: Press ENTER to Upgrade PowerBudget, ESC to Cancel... Press ENTER and PowerBudget will be upgraded, displaying status messages. When the upgrade is complete, press ENTER to enter the Master Form. Press [F7] Exit to exit and then re-enter PowerBudget... Note that the Master Form appears, ready for business... The upgrade prompt will not appear again until the next time you have downloaded and extracted another upgrade file. NOTE: If a PBUD5ss.EXE file has been downloaded and then extracted, but the UPGRADE prompt DOES NOT display upon entering PowerBudget for the first time, then the PBUD5ss.EXE file was not extracted to the working directory. Double-click on PBUD5ss.EXE again and redo the extraction process, making sure the directory is correct. If necessary, check the PowerBudget Icon: ..Properties..Program...to ascertain the correct working directory. (Note: Upgrade "z" is later than Upgrade "a", Upgrade "aa" is later than Upgrade "z") SPECIAL NOTE 1: for all users with Version 5.0t or earlier. Version 5.0u introduced a new type of SubAccount and Version 5.0v introduced a new type of OPEN PO. Your upgrade will automatically turn on the new features. Please review the PowerBudget v5.0 Guidelines for information on the new SubAccounts and Open PO procedures. SPECIAL NOTE 2: Upgrade 5hh and later displays a 4 digit year in the Transaction date (TranDate) column when using the [F4] Scan option. After upgrading from a version prior to v5hh, this field will display a series of *******'s. This indicates that the TranDate column needs to be widened. Use the following steps to widen the TranDate column... 1) From the Master Form, press [F4] Scan. 2) Press the [TAB] key until the TranDate column is highlighted. 3) Press the [ALT] key to highlight the top menu bar. 4) Use the [Right Arrow] key to move over to LAYOUT. 5) From LAYOUT, choose "CHANGE COLUMN SIZE". The TranDate is high- lighted and the cursor at the end of the first date... 6) Press the [Right Arrow] key twice to increase the column width. 7) Press [ENTER], then [ESC][ENTER] to exit.

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