FPLO $195 - SACS $295

Purchase Order # to Current Solutions, PO Box 312, Mountain Center CA 92561-0312
$195/$295 + sales tax + $5 shipping/handling (no s/h if PowerBudget is downloaded from the web.)

Hardware minimum requirements:

     PowerBudget Lite PC  =  640K RAM,  2 MB HD/1.44 Floppy, DOS 3.3-Win95
     PowerBudget v5.0 PC  =  8 MB RAM, 10 MB Hard Disk, 386 w/DOS 3.3-Win95
     PowerBudget v6.0 PC  =  8 MB RAM, 10 MB Hard Disk, 386 w/DOS 3.3-Win95
     PowerBudget v2.0 Mac =  4 MB RAM,  4 MB Hard Disk, SE 30 w/S 6.0.3-8x
     Please review the Sample Reports to note the 
     differences between v5.0 (FPLO) and v6.0 (SACS).

_____________ PowerBudget Services _____________

Budget training based on the concept of productive training...
Productive training produces real-world results.

Your current budget information is the basis for the
on-site or telephone-based training session.

Training and Technical Support are available via phone, fax and e-mail.
On-site training, Data transfer, and Upgrade services are available;
School Budget Seminars are available in selected areas.

Please call, fax or e-mail for details.

Phone: 909-659-2251, Fax: 909-659-7740 or webmaster@powerbudget.com

Thank you for choosing PowerBudget,

Simplifying the Business of Education since 1983

Current Solutions
offers a wide variety of Business Management software
specifically designed for District Office and School management.

            Assets: Database of all District Assets
         Cash Fund: Revolving Cash Account printing on laser checks
     Food Services: Daily Cash Sales, Catering, Warehouse, Inventory
      Paperless PO: Processes all requisitions electronically
Payroll Projection: Employee database w/ salary and benefits $ projections
       PowerBudget: School/Department Budget Management
     Reprographics: Tracks all Reprographics Department work orders
               RFQ: Industrial strength RFQ/Bid Analysis/Order/Delivery
       Suspensions: Student suspensions, ed code format
           Vehicle: Transportation Department Vehicle Maintenance
          Warrants: New construction warrants/authorizations, state format

				and others

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