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The PowerBudget® Guide
School Budget Accounting

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For school budget bookkeepers,
office managers, administrative assistants,
and principals who want an easy budget
accounting system, current accurate
documents at their fingertips, and a
time saving process.

This seminar will provide you with
the ability to make a seamless transition
from FPLO to SACS.

Learn why you want/need to transition
from FPLO to SACS.

FPLO (Fund-Program-Location-Object)

SACS (CA Dept of Education, Standardized Account Code Structure)

School Budget Seminars

Featuring PowerBudget by Current Solutions

No one has to tell you what an incredible
amount of responsibility you have
managing your school/project budgets.
Your job is made easier or more difficult
by the budget software you're using.

The CA legislature has mandated
the implementation of SACS, a
new 7 field/22 digit account code structure. How will
your current software make this transition?
PowerBudget will take you from FPLO to SACS and
make your job easier at the same time. This seminar
will show you how.

Through PowerBudget, SACS becomes user friendly
with easy access to account information, balancing your
accounts against the county report and provides you
with professional printouts.

Tired of not
knowing where
the money is?

Have you ever struggled with
your budget?

Are you using "the best selling
personal finance software" or
"the best selling spreadsheet
software" to manage your school/department budget?

Would you like to make your job as a budget
administrator easier?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need
PowerBudget and this seminar. During this presentation
you will be provided with valuable information
regarding FPLO and SACS practices.

PowerBudget has proven flexibility... able to address
your needs as a budget administrator, today and

Spending too much time
managing your budget?

Generic spreadsheet programs and personal finance
software that require "tailoring" are not as efficient as
software designed specifically for school budget

PowerBudget literally allows you to
immediately input your
expenditure data. You may
choose to prebuild your
chart of accounts, or let
them be created "just-in-time".

Schools of all sizes, preschool to university, have been
using PowerBudget software for over 15 years to
successfully manage a wide variety of budgets.

From grants to categoricals, FPLO to SACS,
PowerBudget is the right tool.

As a bonus, PowerBudget has proven to be a wonderful
complement to county on-line systems.

Since 1983, Team PowerBudget has relied on the
valuable input from many budget administrators/users
to continually enhance the PowerBudget product line.

We have dedicated years to this process so that our
schools may have access to the best tools for managing
their day-to-day needs. By attending this seminar you
derive the benefits of our
effort and the opportunity
to learn how to utilize
the most advanced
school budget software
available as we
transition into SACS.

Please email any questions or comments to

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