PowerBudget Training and Workshops

Since 1983, PowerBudget has provided sites/departments with a management tool that is extremely powerful, and flexible, and designed so that even a novice can be immediately productive after receiving training.

As new software is adopted, we often rely on training to overcome the learning curve.

The familiarity of the end-user with the "work task", (ie: school budget management) and the means (computers) plays an important role. Recognizing this diversity of background, we have developed the following options to address the training needs of our end-users:

Individual Training: One-on-one training (2 options)

1) On-site where available (Southern California), 3 hour minimum
2) By telephone, available 6AM-6PM M-F PST, no minimum

To train multiple users, Districts have the following 2 options:

1) PowerBudget WorkShop : A 3 1/2 hour workshop geared for the accelerated user.
2) PowerBudget WorkShop+: A 6 hour workshop geared towards the novice-average user.

Individual Training Cost

Individual Training: $70/hr plus cost of software

PowerBudget v5.0 - FPLO format: $195 (CA schools add 7.75% Sales Tax)
PowerBudget v6.0 - SACS format: $295 (CA schools add 7.75% Sales Tax)

PowerBudget Workshop Cost (includes software)

All workshops are presented in a computer lab (provided by the site/district) with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 registered sites/department per workshop. Workshops include either 3 1/2 or 6 hours of training, registered PowerBudget, Guidebook, keyboard help template and PowerLink technical support.

Participants experience hands-on, interactive training that includes virtually every facet of creating and managing a site/department budget from original allocation through end of year/new year using PowerBudget.

       PowerBudget v5.0 WorkShop : $295 (3 1/2 hr FPLO training)
       PowerBudget v5.0 WorkShop+: $395 (6 hour FPLO training)
       PowerBudget v6.0 WorkShop : $395 (3 1/2 hr SACS training)
       PowerBudget v6.0 WorkShop+: $495 (6 hour SACS training)

          (For CA: Each PowerBudget v5.0 add 7.75% Sales Tax on $95.00)
          (For CA: Each PowerBudget v6.0 add 7.75% Sales Tax on $195.00)

Current Solutions has over 30 years management experience in dealing with school budget management at all school levels, both first hand and in an advisory capacity. We bring a wealth of "real world" experience and even a little humor to each workshop.

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