Here's what some PowerBudget users have to say:

"I really like that PowerBudget is designed specifically for schools. It's not a generic accounting package, like Quicken, that you must modify for a school environment.

After struggling with two other budget programs, this one was easy to use and powerful, providing numerous time-saving options, including multiple transfer entries and fast report output.

With PowerBudget, it is just install and go to work."

L. Nixon, District Office - Personnel Services

"For the past several years, I have used PowerBudget alongside my County software to reconcile 36 budgets a month. Without PowerBudget, I could not reconcile 10 budgets, much less 36."

M. Allen, District Office - Categorical Programs

"I love the new way to make transfers - it's unbelievably fast. I think PowerBudget is the only way to track grants. It's easy to use and gives us just the information we need. I have told my supervisor that it's the budget I want to use in my office. Thanks!"

T. Curran, District Office - Child Welfare & Attendance

"Superb, super, excellent program... great time saver. I would recommend it to anyone doing budgets. I am pleased."

S. Lilly, District Office - Categorical Programs

"I've used this software since 1986 and appreciate the continuing enhancements. This latest release is top of the line."

J. Doolittle, Elementary School

"Secretary's best tool."

L. Laughlin, High School

Power Budget is a great program, easy to understand, and very useful. I really can't say enough about Power Budget.

This budget program has really made my job easier since I take care of two or three budgets at one time, totaling over $401,000.00.

All transactions are easy to input with all information you need. It even has a large area for all your comments. It shows total amount transferred, what has been encumbered, what has been expended and even balance of that particular fund at a glance!!

The printing of the reports are very accurate. Your input looks impressive and professional and there are many creative ways of printing your budget out. It is easy to pick up on your vendors and purchase order numbers. Everything is at your fingertips!!!

It is a wonderful budget system with great support always a phone call away. You can take my Internet away....... but NEVER my Power Budget!!!

B. Black, Elementary School

"It's been a lifesaver!"

J. Gould, Continuation High School

Reference school phone #'s and addresses are available upon request, please call 909-659-2251.