Thank you for your interest in PowerBudget. Since 1983, this program has provided site/department budget administrators a fast and accurate way to track their budgets. PowerBudget has evolved over the years as the needs of our budget administrators have changed. What started out as a simple, yet effective budget tool has now become one of the most powerful budget programs available to the educational administrative community. Features of the program include:
	Y2K - Year 2000  Type III compliant/friendly
	Chart of Accounts - may be created "just in time" or in advance
	Transactions - current or post-dated
	Transfers - single and multiple account
	SubAccount - ie: teacher accounts/team project accounts
	Purchase Orders/Reqs - open or standard
	Account Balance - verify balance in any code field/transaction
	Complete Audit Trail - from  allocated to encumbered to expended
	Multiple Budgets - tracks multiple budgets/years
        Reconciling - effective, accurate reconciling to County reports
        New Year - duplicate account codes for new year startup		
        On-Site Warehouse - tracks on-site supplies for distribution
        Global Editing - edit/delete data once for global budget adjustment
        Code Maintenance - edit/modify account code descriptions globally
        Inservice Training - individual training and group workshops
	Mobility - transportable from office to any other computer on 1 disk
	Webcentric - product, upgrades and support are internet available

"Simplifying the Business of Education"

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