The California Department of Education is currently implementing a Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) throughout the CA school system.

The SACS slide presentation has been created by the California Department of Education to help promote the implementation of SACS.

PowerBudget SACS

The Account Detail Report is one of the most used reports. This report
lists all the transactions that have been entered for a specific account.
This report is a detailed report of a single SACS account.

The Account Summary Report is another widely used report. This report
gives the greatest overview of the current budget. This report is a
summary of all accounts in the budget.

(SACS is Standardized Account Code Structure:
Fund-Resource-Project Year-Goal-Function-Object-School-Management) 

NOTE: SACS codes may be used in PowerBudget FPLO.
Please see FPLO to SACS translation for details. 

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