In 1983, a high school in CA became the first school to use PowerBudget to manage it's budget.

Using a spreadsheet and an Apple IIe, this first issue was used for several years and then replaced with the relational database product now known as PowerBudget Lite.

The Apple IIe and subsequent PC spreadsheet versions were used by several sites for several years. Eventually all spreadsheet sites were replaced with PowerBudget relational databases.

We discovered that, while the spreadsheet model can be made to work (we have written complete budget applications using spreadsheets), database technology is the key to managing data. Database data can be exported to spreadsheets if desired.

Our PC and Mac Powerbudget database products are in use today and have been successfully managing budgets at schools of all sizes, for many years. And the first PowerBudget school, currently using a Mac version, is still going strong.

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